LEGO - More To Math


LEGO More To Math 1st-2nd Grade - LEGO More To Math puts learning out of the textbook and into student hands.  Students strengthen their understanding of how math problems are constructed and solved with engaging and tangible math practices.

Students succeed in math through problem solving and assessment that makes abstract math tangible, igniting the competencies needed to do mathematical problem solving. By using the familiar LEGO brick and real-life understanding, students feel encouraged and motivated to think, write, and speak freely about math!

When:  Please email for days available

Who:  1st-2nd Grade

Time: 4-6pm (PRE)

(classes occur for the first 60-75 minutes, rest of class will be an "End of Class Activity" found on the MENU above)

Cost:  Please see Registration Page

Location:  Piney Ridge Elementary School

Transportation:  Transportation will be offered from Freedom, Linton and Carrolltowne to class (Piney Ridge Elementary School) for a $25 transportation fee every 4 weeks.