LEGO - Machines and Mechanisms

As part of the STEM Room activities, this is offered Monday-Friday. 

Focus Days: Monday and Wednesday

LEGO Machines And Mechanisms K-5th Grade - LEGO Machines And Mechanisms helps students gain a deep insight into real world science with creative, engaging and high impact lessons.

Hands-on manipulatives encourage students to get involved in science exploration by asking questions, creating argumentation, analyzing data and communicating their findings. Science practices, include: gathering evidence, planning and carrying out investigations, and designing prototypes to solve real-world problems.

With LEGO Machines and Mechanisms, students gain skills in basic mechanisms, forces and motion, and structures.  Students participate in scientific inquiry and creative engineering design with lessons that meet technology and science standards.

This class also combines with our "LEGO Robots and Computer Coding" class.  For more on our "LEGO Robots and Computer Coding" class click here.

When:  Wednesdays

Who:  K-5th Graders

Time: 4-6pm (PRE)

Location:  Piney Ridge Elementary School

Cost:  Please see Registration Page

Transportation:  Transportation will be offered from Freedom, Linton and Carrolltowne to class (held at Piney Ridge) for a $25 transportation fee every 4 weeks.