Transportation:  Transportation will be offered from Freedom and Carrolltowne to class (Piney Ridge Elementary School) for a $25 transportation fee every 4 weeks.



ABC-123 - K-5th Grade - Our goal is to provide a program where students have fun learning by providing programs, resources in a team environment.  Our affordable and accessible programs offer learning AND fun!


Sometimes students just need time to relax, do their homework, play with friends after school in a relaxing environment.  This program gives them that time.  Time to read quietly, play outside, work on homework with a friend or play a fun game that stimulates the mind.


When:  Monday-Friday

Who:  K-5th Graders

Time: 4-6pm (PRE); 2:30-4:30pm (EES)

Location:  Piney Ridge Elementary School


$99 - 1 Day/Week/4 Weeks  

$159 - 2 Days/Week/4 Weeks (Save $39)

$199  - 3 Days/Week/4 Weeks (Save $98) 

$229 - 4 Days/Week/4 Weeks (Save $167)

$259 - 5 Days/Week/4 Weeks (Save $236)

Transportation:  Transportation will be offered from Freedom, Linton and Carrolltowne to class (held at Piney Ridge) for a $25 transportation fee every 4 weeks.

Eldersburg ES does not need transportation.

Our rooms feature:


    •    Tables for small groups of kids to work together.  Children learn a lot from each other, it's important for them to have the peer help they need.

    •    A separate work area where kids can work on their own.

    •    A computer for each student so kids can look up information, type assignments or keep busy

    •    A comfortable place to read.


The program also incorporates the following:

Outside Time

Although we try to work on homework and other things that stimulate little minds, recess is also important!  If the weather is nice enough to go outside, we will.

A Structured Homework Routine

If kids complete homework before time is up, there is time to move on to enrichment activities, such as playing a game that uses math skills, thinking games and others.  Sometimes kids need a break and a snack first before doing homework, while other kids like doing their homework first then taking a break.  A structured homework routine gives them that.


Assistance to Help Your Child With Homework

Good programs have staff to monitor homework and provide help when needed.  Each room comes with adults and high school student teachers ready to help each child.


A Process to Communicate With Parents

It is our goal to make sure there is ample communication between homework helpers and parents.  Kids do better when parents and after school staff are in regular communication.  To turn frustration into high fives, our helpers share instant feedback and recognition for every skill learned. We are here to answer any questions and let you know when a child:


    •    Takes a long time with an assignment

    •    Needs a lot of help to complete an assignment

    •    Is unfocused and doesn’t get their homework done

    •    Has a great day and is excited that they’ve learned something new

    •    Cooperates with others


Our homework helpers combine personal and group instruction with independent learning to ensure your child not only understands homework concepts, but also learns how to apply those skills for a deeper level of learning. Homework time becomes a lot less stressful ... and a lot more fun.