3D Printing with Computer Aided Design


K-5th Grade - Using TinkerCAD, a kid friendly and easy to use software program, students create 3D objects with a computer and 3D printer.


Students first design the overall shape of an object, adjust shapes with online tools, and finally combine the shapes until the imagined object is created.  The Tinkercad program is used by teachers and kids to make toys, minecraft worlds, jewelry, prototypes and an endless amount of ideas!

There are lessons for each class on how to use the software.  First, students start out by learning from other projects on the platform.  Tinkering with projects from those who know more about the program helps to learn.  Then once students are advanced enough they create their own 3D designs and print.

The class may also be using the Sketch Up program a fun, easy way to learn 3D modeling. Learn the basics then draw whatever imagined, one element at a time.  Transforming and combining simple geometrical shapes into structures using SketchUp's tools is very simple yet powerful.

Because it takes time to print projects, students may not be able to bring their project home on the first day.  However, small projects will be made and allowed to take home after a few classes. 

When:  Tuesdays

Who:  K-5th Grade

Time: 4-6pm (PRE)

Location:  Piney Ridge Elementary School

Cost:  Please see Registration Page

Transportation:  Transportation will be offered from Freedom, Linton and Carrolltowne to class (held at Piney Ridge) for a $25 transportation fee every 4 weeks.